Small Group Lessons

We offer small group lessons for children from first grade to twelfth grade and at any skill level.

“My children started this school year as complete novices! My son chose to play the guitar and my daughter chose the piano! The Sullivan Brothers are truly gifted and I cannot believe the progress my children have made! I figured they would each learn 1 maybe 2 Christmas songs this year since they just started in September, but they both have learned too many to count!!! They look forward to their music lesson and are excited to show me what they learn! My son is even able to instruct me on how to play the guitar!!! I already know how to play the piano, but I bet if I didn’t my daughter would be able to teach me as well!!! From the parent side, the Sullivan brothers make enrollment and payment so easy! I really appreciate this wonderful program and the amazing work the Sullivan Brothers are doing!!!”  ~ Happy Parent

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Musical Instrument Lessons


The recorder is a very common beginning instrument for young students and perfect to introduce students to the world of making music!


The piano is a beautiful instrument and is great for visually learning music theory. Students will learn at school on keyboards which the instructor will bring.


The guitar is classified as a string instrument and is a very popular choice for students of all ages!  Join a class today!


Drum lessons are very popular and a great way to develop a good sense of rhythm and timing.  Students learn on what is called a drum practice pad.

Explore all the Musical Instruments you can study with Perfect Time Music!